Juries Are Over

Juries were presented and decided yesterday, determining the order for the 2010 Building Virtual Worlds show next weekend. One of my worlds — A Pawn’s Tale — is featured. Although I am disappointed that “Switch” (video coming soon) did not make the final roster, I think the show features a very interesting and exciting assortment of interfaces, themes and skills. And, barring a change in favor of pulling up a guest from the audience, I will get to participate in No Strings Attached, a puppet-themed game show operated by wiimote. Regardless, I recommend watching via the live stream that will be running. Saturday December 11 at 1 pm, Eastern Standard Time!

Thankfully, we also presented our final videos for Visual Story today (see ours, for Andrew W. K.’s “Party Hard“!), which means that for the first time since beginning grad school, I may have a real weekend! Or, at least, a semblance of one. Instead of spending 16+ hours at my desk, I plan to do laundry and go grocery shopping. This is a much-needed little reprise before the final push for the show, since I slept over in the building too nights while tweaking and finishing the interactive costume pieces for “Switch” (pouring rain outside helped with that decision).

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