Interims Today

It’s 1:20 am on a Tuesday, and I’m back at home after a very, very long day which included 6:00 am registration for classes, a pancake outing, quite a bit of sewing of felt dolls, and some testing of our Sound and Light world. Verdict? It’s looking good! There are some latency issues to work out and the mics are a bit over-sensitive at times, but things are working and now it’s just a matter of tweaking. Hurrah! We videotaped a portion of our testing, which I hope to put online tomorrow. We’ll be presenting bright and early at 9:30 am so that our professors and peers can provide us with feedback and advice on what is working and what still needs work.

In other exciting news, I’ve been named Assistant Head TA for Building Virtual Worlds next semester. It’s the first time there will be a spring semester class, and it will be populated with even more international students than usual (purportedly 75% Korean and 25% Portuguese, or at least studying at the campuses in those countries). The class itself is worth 24 credits — even very time consuming classes usually top out at 12. As far as I’m aware, it is the most credits one can obtain in a single class at Carnegie Mellon University.

My dear friend Dani Belko and I will be wrangling the 25 or so students as well as the team of 9 TAs. We’ve already begun the early learning and planning stages. I’m thinking that this year will be the one I finally break down and buy a smartphone. There is not earthly way that I will be able to stay on top of e-mails without one.

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