Progress and Misc

There’s plenty to do, but some exciting developments are in progress for our performance world. Cassandra has been playing with PureData for translating all the audio input to something we can use, while Dave is busy building contact mics and Noah has over 50 independent planes, cubes and spheres that will make up the dynamic visual projection elements. I, meanwhile, have the basis for Cassandra’s jacket constructed and tested and need to obtain some ribbon cable in order to get it to a danceable state, so that she’s not flailing around with alligator clips hanging all over her.

The jacket, currently, has four patches, two on each hand, that can complete a circuit when touched to each other, or when something mental is held/hit with the palm. All of these actions will be causing sound, so making it touch-activated is a nice work-around for our sound-generated theme.

The closing of the circuit is read by an Arduino Lilypad, which will be dictating the output — some manner of light effect (LEDs), to be determined once our dancers start practicing with them. I’ll have to determine what the most dynamic locations on the body are.

Tonight will involve working on my Adventure Modules report… which is going to take the form of felt dolls, since we’re welcome to produce non-written work that expresses our experiences (whitewater rafting and going to a fancy resort/spa/adventure course). It also happens to be the birthday of my fellow Doctor Who fan, Ian Bowie, as well as the release of Series 5 on BlueRay. Who party tonight? I think so.

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