Light and Sound

The project currently consuming my life is a collaborative performance constructed with the ever-fabulous Noah Bench, David Francus and Cassandra Ichniowski.

Our hope is to present our effort at the Building Virtual Worlds show in December, at Carnegie Mellon University. We’re trying to leverage our collective talents which include tap dancing, laser shows, interactive costume design, and a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

We’re still in the early stages, but we’ve got a limited timeframe, so we’re going to be powering through. We’ve done some experiments in drumming, rhythm and sound. I’ve got a simple prototype interactive glove ready for meeting tonight, and the others are looking into assorted coding languages as well as how to best interface with Panda and projected on-screen imagery. All in all, it’s a pretty exciting process!

Some of our reference/shared material can be found at our delicious account and YouTube playlist.

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