Political Monstrosities

Political Monstrosities was created as a response to the 2008 election and the culmination of nearly a decade of George W. Bush’s presidency. Each of the 8 monsters represents a year in office, and elements of the monsters are determined by the frequency of word use from that year’s State of the Union Address. By converting the quantifiable characteristics of these words—how often they were used—into a physical form, the Monstrosities attempt to give shape and physical definition to the speeches and, therefore, the “state of the union” in that year.

The words selected were chosen because of their broad implications and generalized use. The three positive words are indicated by pleasant features, such as eyes, where the negative words are shown with threatening spikes, claws and teeth.

Visitors were highly encouraged to touch and play with the monsters, despite being in a gallery setting. Low placement, colorful floor mats and a watchful cardboard cutout added to a play-area like feel for the installation.

Hangtag Images, Sketches & Additional Materials

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