Blobstacle Course

Blobstacle Course Title ScreenGuests attempt to avoid obstacles and grab items on the screen, controlling the blobs by moving their bodies. Their motions are tracked by the Playmotion infrared camera system. After three collisions with walls, the guest is out and another may take their spot.

The game play path is continuous and on the surface of a cube, providing surprise shifts in perspective and the potential for endless, looping gameplay with different guests jumping in and out. In this video, only two participants are shown.

Blobstacle Course was a featured game for the Pittsburgh ToonSeum’s “KA-BLAM! III: Return of Saturday Morning” fundraiser event and was selected to compete in the 19th International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest, held in Tokyo, Japan.

Designed and built in one week, Sept 28 – Oct 4, 2010

Arvind Kumar (3D models)
Rebecca Grabman (2D textures, producing)
Prashanth Pandurangaiah (sound design)
Navjot Garg (programming)

Special thanks to Dani Belko and Robby Duncan for being our naive video playtesters!