Deadline (aka “The Scissor Game”) pits a two-player team against the evil faculty members who are trying to drown students in paperwork! Using a pair of huge wooden scissors, the players must cut all the falling papers before the characters on the screen are buried by work. The Playmotion game system tracks the IR lights on the scissor tips to track their position, angle and slicing motion.

After playing through three months and a December bonus round, with ever-snowier backgrounds and rising limits to how much homework can let slip past, you win and survive grad school! … Or, more likely, not.

Buried in Paperwork, Oh No! Thanks for Saving Us!

Screen view (Round 1: September)

Introduction Animation

Jung Suk, Rebecca, Chengfu and AntonioDesigned and built in two weeks, Aug 31 – Sept 14, 2010

Jung Suk Ko (programming)
Rebecca Grabman (2D artwork)
Chengfu Chen (3D models)
Antonio Santos (sound design)